Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Itchy trigger finger

It's a brilliant autumn day in Zlata Praha (golden Prague) and the leaves are just hitting their final burst of reds and yellows before they plunge earthward.

I'm tempted to crawl out of my praguelodyte lair and take my camera through the city. Now, I'm not a landscape photographer. People and monuments are my thing. So I suppose that I'll troll through the old city cemetary and catch the contrast between brightly colored leaf and cold stoney gravestone. Those are the monuments. I'll have to think of the leaves as people if I'm gonna pull this off. Will post some pix if it works.

I'm also working in a special fx studio part time, but I'm not supposed to talk about that as it is a Hollywood film shooting in Prague and the studio Men in Black could probably have me killed :0

They would just bury me in that same cemetary that I want to photograph. Hell, this is the former Eastern Bloc, who would miss another photographer/writer? Or they could just dress me as a Russian mafia dude (80s track suit and gold chain) and float my body down the river.

(shudder) See what happens when you combine strong Turkish coffee and cemetary imagery?


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