Thursday, November 03, 2005

Flix for the Eye People

I'm pretty excited today: I finally found a copy of the most beautiful film ever committed to celluloid--'Wings of Desire (der Himmel uber Berlin).' It has always been one of my favorite films--largely because of it's cinematography, atmosphere and mood. I'm not going to launch into a film review here, mainly because films are largely subjective.

Needless to say: it is a strongly visual film. It is shot in black and white. It screams 'ZEITGEIST!' loud enough to make you want to look up the word. And I finally found it in Prague. It can be ordered online in 'the West' on Amazon or whatever, but sadly it's hard to find in Prague.

I managed to find a copy in a small arty dvd rental outlet next to a popular Prague disco (Radost FX). Not that I'd ever go to a freaking DISCO.

I'm not feeling particularly verbose this evening, so I'll cut this blog short. In the future you can expect some shtuff with themes/titles like this:

- ‘everyone should impersonate Elvis at least once in life’

- the weird, wild, wacky world of filmmaking in Prague

- erasing communism: fruity-colored panelaks, malls built over socialist statues, etc.

- how to convert a gray soviet housing block into a luxury high rise apartment block; or ‘you can frost a turd and call it a wedding cake…’

And I'll probably post a link to a Czech-English dictionary for the occasional Czech word that slips out of my blogging mouth.

See you next post..................praguelodyte


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was in Praha in late 1968 and early 1969 during a time of revolution. In St. Wenceslaus Square I watched as Jan Palach set himself on fire to protest the Soviet occupation. I love Prague. i was a photographer for an American newspaper and student. I studied briefly at Charles Univeresity. I am now a studio owner of 34 years.
Went all digital 3 years ago. Write me about your photography at I can onlly imagine the challenge of markeing your photography in Prague. Best of luck to you.

8:30 AM  

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