Monday, August 07, 2006

Return of the Mighty Tiki Bar

We inhabitants of the Prague urban jungle unite in our primitive island getaway. We leave behind crowded trams, boring job commutes and the rigamarole (hey, even a city as beautiful as Prague eventually presents some form of rigamarole for its denizens).

We jump onto the comfy sofa in the Taky Tiki Cocktail Bar in Prague and dive into tropical seas of juicy, boozy cocktails aimed at taking the modern Urbanite on a journey to the lost islands of a simpler time. Drinks like the famous Mai Tai, Voodoo Punch and Scorpions light our way into the primordial mist. We see a volcano up ahead. Next stop: the Tiki Zone.


Anonymous DC said...

Stop having so much fun damn you :-)

7:11 PM  
Blogger praguelodyte said...


I know, life in the inhuman suburban industrio-slave world of BushLand(tm)just plain sucks.

I am not having fun on purpose. Fun just happens when you're not crushed under the yoke of your American corporate/political oppressor.

Cheer up. There's always that CRACK to smoke to relieve you.


7:30 PM  

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