Sunday, December 18, 2005

Prague photography in winter

That's me on the left taking pictures in Mala Strana, Prague. I was at the John Lennon wall again today as I strolled through the old city quarter taking portraits of a local businessman. I guess you could cite my 'hippy roots' as the reason I stopped to snap the multi-colored global wall message yet again. Or maybe it was my recent post about the 25th anniversary of Mr. Lennon's death. Since that particular wall seems to be in a state of constant flux, it seems worthy of snappage.

This particular photo (breathe sighs of relief, those who are wondering when I would get off the barstool stories and back to photo stuff, but hey, Prague does that to ya) was on a bright sunny winter morning. Since that particular weather almost never happens in December in Prague, I thought I'd play with the shadows a little. A shadowy photographer in silhouette taking a picture of a graffiti wall, a Prague lamp shadow, and a self-portrait. Perfect. Yes, I'll admit at this point that I am mainly amusing myself. I will admit a love for both Prague lamps, lampposts and all things 'street light' in the old quarters. I also love shooting a good graffiti blast--as I've been doing for years in many cities. It's not just the color and the vibrance, it's also the message and style of each piece. Let's just say I've run into my fair share of professional spray can artistes in my day.

Why am I in silhouette in the above photo, you ask? Well, some people are just better off behind the camera. I've seen a few shots people have taken of me in 'action' at Prague weddings and such. I'm behind the lens, bent or crouched or otherwise resembling Quasimodo with a pained look on his face as he focuses his lens on the people in the pretty medieval city. Basically I look like I'm either giving birth or taking a dump, such is the intensity of The Look. Therefore I stay behind the lens where God/Buddha/Allah meant me to be. But just to satisfy the crowd, the lump on the back of my shadow is my backpack, not the Quasimodo hump. Otherwise I look exactly like Tom Cruise, no, really--it's really uncanny.


Anonymous Jason said...

I recognise that silhouette. It's a street light! And the other one is you. We went looking for that wall before the wedding and couldn't find the blooming thing. The first time we visited Prague we saw it, John Lennon was on there surrounded by writing, with gazing eyes like those of Dr. T. J. Eckleberg overlooking the valley of ashes in the Great Gatsby. Although Prague is hardly a valley of ashes. And Mister Lennon hardly symbolises the carelessness and corruption of society. Well, I guess the manner of his death does actually! Oh I'm waffling, and must sign off now.

5:41 PM  
Anonymous Damon said...

happy new year craig

10:12 AM  

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