Monday, June 25, 2007

Abusive Drunk Hits Blind Woman; Gets a Taste of My Fists of Fury

Many people said this to me in the past:

'Never get in the middle of a domestic dispute; you will always get beat up as a result.'

Well, I never listen to most people. Especially THOSE people.

Tonight--in fact, less than 30 minutes ago-- I punched a man on a Prague tram. I punched him 2 or 3 times to be sure. I punched him until his face was bloody.

I had been in a bar and was on my way home on the night tram. I normally keep to myself and just watch the drunken night owls bellowing and belching and hollering on their ride home. Tonight was different. A real DOUCHE BAG of a drunk was sitting behind a blind woman, apparently a woman he knew, yelling at her. I mean the man was a BAG of DOUCHE. I have seen some callous, swaggering, drunken, macho bullshit in the Czech Republic, but this took the cake.

I tried to shake it off and tell myself that:

a) it's not my problem
b) it's his and her business
c) it's her problem for being with such a BAG of DOUCHE
d) the cops would arrest and deport me should I get involved

Well, you get a pass for being drunk and stupid. Nobody gets a pass for pushing a blind woman around. I mean, she had the long white cane, the closed little mole eyes and everything.

I have had rage problems in this country. They generally center around ignorant, selfish, drunken boors that think they run things. In fact, many would describe the entire country as full of these fuckadors, especially in all of the branches of government, top to bottom.

After his shouts (in Czech) of 'BITCH' and 'CUNT' and other various terms of endearment hit this poor blind woman's ears, all she could do was hang her head down at her cane. I felt my heart race and told myself not to get involved. It really wasn't my problem. But this country is full of cowardly souls who stand by and watch people get beaten, robbed, and even raped (in one reported case).

Being drunk, and otherwise having my peaceful ride home interrupted by this boorish chap, I simply yelled out 'SHUT. THE FUCK. UP!' Being drunk, HE shook his head and continued his drunken verbal abuse of A SIGHTLESS WOMAN.

When he began pushing her and brandishing his arms around, I stood up, walked over and got his undivided attention. I repeated my previous warning. He ignored it. Then he hit her. I came unglued. I can't remember the exact words that came out of my mouth but it was my fists that were talking at the time. I blocked his flailing arms, planted two quick jabs to his nose, then BITCH SLAPPED him, backhand if you will, in front of all of the people on the tram.

I backed away and watched him bleed for a moment. Did I just do this? What will happen next? I heard clapping around the tram. I saw several people in the tram who had just witnessed the events CHEERING ME ON, nodding their heads and generally making me feel like a hero. Even THE POLICE--who were obviously SOMEWHERE IN THE BACK OF THE TRAM AND NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THE FUCKWIT who had just abused the blind woman and had just seen me beating a drunk , as it were--didn't arrest me. The two officers appeared and said 'stop'; I told them I would not stand by and watch that. I said she was BLIND. I asked if THEY were, too. They didn't understand me, those Czech cops. Probably a good thing. But they weren't aggressive toward me and didn't handle me. Probably lucky for all of us. They listened to the drunken bleeder blubber for a minute, I said to anyone who was listening that this was my stop (and it was) and got off the tram. I kept walking about a block before I looked behind me. Nobody was following me.

I feel absolutely fantastic. And I think I will for a long time.

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